Thursday, May 1, 2014

A final word - 5/2/14

Of all the ideas that I've talked about in my previous blogs which one would make the greatest impact on the world? However all of these concepts could have such a great impact on the world that it is unfair to think that we should only implement one of them. All of these uncommon ideas have so much potential, yet because people grow to accept their environment fewer people think them than they should.

In many ways some of the simplest ideas are the most easily overlooked, you would think that entire populations of people would rally for companies to be held responsible for the unintended consequences of their actions. In events such as the Bhopal Gas disaster where thousands died in the immediate aftermath when they could not escape the cloud of thousands of tons of pesticide which now causes birth defects and health issues for some seven hundred thousand citizens in the area. After five years they settled for a payment worth almost a billion dollars in todays money, however this was hardly enough to pay to treat the survivors at the time and now with so many young people indirectly affected by this there is almost no one fighting for them and nothing being done. A more general and global harm that has been done by corporations is causing bacteria to gain resistance to our antibiotics. By training doctors to over prescribe the strongest antibiotic possible since the invention of penicillin we have now reached a point where all of our strongest medicines are nearly useless against diseases like MRSA. Now the only thing we can do to fix disasters like this is act out against and fight the corporations that caused them knowing that eventually if the movement can garner enough support the cause can be successful in someway.

This inaction is much deeper than people disagreeing with ideas and what to act on, its much more that they don't see what's wrong with what's happening and just don't question it. Too often are people taught to just believe what they're told in schools without question from a very young age. However as they transition from children to teenagers they are never told that they should question the status quo and because of this the majority of people just accept the way things are. If people were to question the idea of consumerism and why they have been made to only feel satisfied when then they have more things then instead of a combination of over consumption and disparity being the norm there would be enough resources for everyone. If people were to become aware of what ads are doing to us, then they could ignore them and help spread the benefits of our techno society.

The most surprising part of these ideas isn't the tragedies that could be avoided, but that people accept them as the norm and do nothing to change that. Sure there are a few people that try to stand for what's right but it is not enough for much of anything in our society to change. If people were to be more aware of what's wrong with their ignorance and corporations not being help responsible for what they've done then that could change and people would stand up to try and change it.

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