Thursday, February 6, 2014

For the majority of the world's population unfairness abounds and is everywhere. The majority of the world's population does not have access to the many of the technologies and other aspects of affluence and modern civilization that almost all of our population enjoys today. How this difference is viewed, interpreted, and challenged are all very important aspects of social justice. Problems such as getting clean drinking water to everyone on Earth, world hunger and education are all parts of social justice that are argued and debated about frequently all over the World.
Outside of natural disasters people in America rarely wonder when they will next be able to get clean water or if drinking it will make them sick, because for most people finding water is as simple as turning the knob on your faucet or finding a public drinking fountain. Here safe water exists in abundance for everyone and is not even a factor when people consider their survival in the modern world. However in the majority of the world this isn't the case, most cities in newly 'civilized' countries have slums full of poorly constructed shacks with no running water or toilets. This is unimaginable for anyone that lives in a first world country where water and sewage are piped directly into and out of every home. While this disparity can easily be considered a travesty by many, it is an issue that we should not concern ourselves with outside of personal philanthropy overwhelming poverty should be dealt with by the national and local governments where it exists. As it is outside of the bounds of our government to spend the tax dollars of its citizens on the citizens of other countries who will likely never be able to contribute to improving our country or pay back the tax dollars we spent on them, even though helping to expand infrastructure and  improve local access to water in slums would greatly improve the quality of life for those people it should be done only by their own government and individuals or organizations that are working towards that goal.
However it is not wrong to help these people that need it, as they do have it significantly worse than anyone who could be reading this. The reality of the situation is that everyone should want to help those who are worse off than them, however there are some that have the means to give and do a lot more than others and they are the ones that should really be trying to make a difference.

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